Nine Years

by Mountain Dust

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released July 15, 2016

Extra vocals on Aveline by Kevin Keegan.
Recorded and mixed by Dave Traina at Freq Shop, Montreal, Canada.
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis, London, England.
Artwork by Travis Driscoll.



all rights reserved


Mountain Dust Montreal, Québec

Past/Present members of Trigger Effect, Beat Cops, Fashion Police, Eagle Tears, Endast.

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Track Name: Evil Deeds
Nothing’s stopping you, as you shoot out the lights over thrones coloured blue. I knew the cavernous call when you wept turned away. Hoping that someone would notice the joke but they covered their eyes.

“No, I’m no good. I don’t got what you need.”

“There’s no reason in joy…”

“No reprisal for evil deeds.”

“Like the ones that you know all too well.”

“Well, oh well.”

“I deem you burn for a lifetime. Burn through a lifetime.”

I don’t know who I am anymore.

I can’t kick it out of my head and it’s a nightmare at best. You don’t know what I mean when I tell you I’ve been wishing for death.
Track Name: Aveline
Passed out in threes with the ash on the sheets, re-enacting a scene about nothing at all.
In the place he’s always been but never seen where he’s going to pay for nothing at all.

“If you trail by a dream won’t you stay a while?”

Now his gaze comes to mind, darling, didn’t you say the flames had climbed just to come back down?

Wave your flag to the skies and believe there’s nothing there, when he swears to you,
“Nothing’s true in this life.”

He’s been slithering through while you were slipping away.

You did him wrong, darling, didn’t you?
You’ve been quivering too.

Darling, didn’t you ever wonder why his touch felt so cold?
Aveline, when you shudder is it me?

Aveline, now he’s begging you,

“Let us bleed, Aveline. None shall tend to these wounds I have sown.
Track Name: Running Fool
They like to twist stoned hairs, rustling remnants of romance.
I know it’s right there but it’s so hard to find, until I fall through the glass hands that hold my mind.
Wasn’t it lovely before?

They keep stealing my gold straight out of my hands, and I’m trying to hold onto anything I can.
I’ll do anything…

Where does the distance begin? When does sickness set in?
They cut into me deeper, and deeper. They creep through the flood to my core. Wasn’t it lovely before I was born?

I’ll do anything I can.

I hate the cries…
I will drown them tonight in the sea for you, I will.
I’m a running fool.
I got nothing.
I will bury my head in the sea for you.
I’m a desperate man. Am I alive? For what? For who?

I’m a running fool.
Track Name: Tale of The Red Rain
When the violent gale creaked through the walls, we hailed the night as the first come: Our Right To Be (more than a remedy),
but we shook our might with the fear shouting from the clouds.

I can’t forget all the things you said. I believed it all.
I can’t forget the way it felt, the way you stripped me down and waited for my fall.

I heard the telling of a red rain from some creep whistling at the barmaid.
I read the ramblings of a dead man, so, I tried to tell you what the pain makes but couldn’t make a sound.

I sat uncrowned, but my heart was bound.
Track Name: Dead Queen
Hot dust belching from the craters on her face; Hell’s breath wraps my eyes like fire lace.
Creating life from underneath her filthy nails, sent off like flies unto the frail (so frail).

“Descend, Dead Queen.
We left the light behind to be content.
Descend, Dead Queen.”
Only she has seen the soul of a frightened man.

She scratched the earth with crooked spider feet, in the unholy grove where the terror of bare trees rises about and drives me to my knees.

She says,
“Nobody knows you like I do.”
Track Name: Lonely War
Board up the blackened skies covering your eyes,

“I don’t know you.”

Woke up enough to moan, crooked and alone.
Promised to arrive soon.

I and I will eat me alive, don’t you cry.
And if you decide who is who, like I am I, and you were you (and who ever knew), don’t you cry.

It’s a lonely war.
Track Name: Nine Years
Trees split in Lion’s teeth.
He picked all the splinters free only to be sent back into the thick with a crack of the whip and another dead link added to his chains.

Nine years too heavy.
Nine years: too much to care.
Nine years in the pits of Hell, the beast and himself.

“Ha! Higher, beast!
Reach! Reach to the top where the leaves are hiding the good stuff,” screams the chief.

Lion bites, boughs break, the pain is the same.
Lion likes the taste so he swallows it whole because he knows there’s a dark boar deep inside.

Deep hollow, trapped in his sorrows.
Nine years in the pits of Hell.